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Afro hair & curly techniques

Within our team of professionals, all stylists are trained to a superior level in all up to date techniques including curly and afro hair.

Services include: 

Silk Pres 

Keratin Treatments 


Chrochet Techniques 

Hydration treatments 

Dreds & Loc Maintenance 

Lace Hair 

Curly Techniques 

Consultations are required instore. 01933 270 077

Why travel to london when we are here?!

Afro hair is the most versatile of all the hair types. It includes – Locks, Cornrows, Twists,
Bantu Knots, Plaits, Crochet Braids, Weaves, Wigs, Straightening, Blow-dry sets and
Relaxers. Plus, any other combinations you can think of like colouring, cuts and shaping.
Afro hair is also the most fragile of all hair types. Handling this level of hair diversity comes
with great responsibility, knowledge and expertise. Unfortunately, this is not always the

Most afro hair wearers can give at least one example of how ‘somebody messed up their
hair’ resulting in damage, breakage and eventually loss which causes a great deal of
At Q.L we understand. We also know what we’re doing, we will not conduct any procedure
on your afro hair without a consultation first.
Typically, afro hair requires moisture, so at Q.L. we focus on hair porosity rather than hair
type. Porosity is a more inclusive term and when identified correctly will ensure you get the
right treatment and products for your hair.


What is porosity?
Hair porosity is about your hair’s ability to absorb and retain moisture. The porosity of your
hair affects how well oils and moisture pass in and out of the outermost layer of your hair,
known as the cuticle.
There are three types of porosity – low, medium and high.
Low Porosity – Identified by a closed hair shaft, difficult for moisture to go in or out. Hair
takes a long time to dry and products are not easily absorbed by this hair. Prone to product
Medium Porosity – Has a relatively good balance, accepts moisture in and out of strands.
Full of bounce and elasticity, requires little maintenance.
High – Hair has an open shaft, can easily accept water and products. Equally, that moisture
can be quickly loss without the proper maintenance. Hair often looks and feels dry, prone to
The products we use in the salon for afro hair are:
If you are in any doubt about your hair porosity, visit us for a free consultation.

Our hair styling services are based on a tariff system and dependent the length of your hair.

Hair Lengths
SHORT 0-18 cm (0-7”)
MEDIUM 18-36 cm (7-14”)
LONG 36cm & above (14”)

Below is a list of styles, treatments and prices for afro hair.
Book a free consultation for afro hair services.


Dickins Memorial Hall, 178 Finedon Road , Wellingborough NN8 4AH  01933 270 077 

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