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No Mirror Challenge

Our salon is renowned for this spectacular makeover service...and simply one of a kind!


Taking part in the no mirror challenge involves a day of pampering whilst being in a home from home environment. Prior to this day of pampering you will need a consultation appointment where you will discuss with your stylist colours, styles and other things about your looks that you would not like and potential colours and styles you would like. This can include having natural hair colours for work or not wanting a full fringe for example.


You will have a patch test and strand test at this pre-appointment, to make sure that you do not react with any of  products that we may use. Upon your arrival, expect a hearty warm welcome from our team. You will be led to the styling chair where you will sit before the mirror. With your permission, we will take before photos.


This is when the indulgence and excitement commences .....the mirror will be covered by your stylist. You may have your hair stripped of colour or just dyed straight away. In between processing time for your hair, you will be moved to the nail bar where your nails will be filed and painted with acrylics available as an option. Once your nails are done, you will have your hair washed. Once all the colour services have been done and hair washed, your hair will be cut. Before styling you will have your makeup done. After your makeup, your hair will be styled. Then it will be time for the big reveal. You will have pictures taken of your transformation to mark your day of pampering.


The no mirror challenge is wonderful for people who find themselves stuck with their image, who want to be surprised and pampered. It is wonderful for those who suffer with mental health problems, confidence issues and having a rough time of things. This is because you will be in a friendly and chatty environment and you will spend the day being pampered. It is relaxing for those having a rough time. It helps those who need a change but do not know what they want. It will make you feel beautiful and that will help with confidence.

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