Our Osteopath


Coral Brooke


Registered Osteopath (Bachelor’s degree), complementary therapist and S.E.N(MH) nurse 

(physical and learning disabilities nurse)

For most of my professional life I’ve worked in social care, managing a home for people with complex needs and learning disabilities. Within this role I planned care, managed staff and resources and worked within a multi profession team working with Social workers, physiotherapists, dieticians and doctors to ensure the best possible care was given. After achieving an excellent rated service, I decided it was time to move on, this for me would mean becoming an area manager, which I felt, wasn’t me. The part of my job I liked is working with people who need help and support so I decided to take a different direction.  In my mid 30’s I completed a complementary therapy course, which included reflexology, Swedish massage and aromatherapy massage, I had been using this training to provide a mobile complementary therapy service within clients’ homes. I enjoyed treating people but wanted to expand on these skills to be able to understand and help people more. I decided to undertake a 5-year degree to train to be an osteopath. This gave me the skills I needed to treat people with various musculoskeletal conditions. 


My main aim throughout my professional career has been to provide a service that is person centred to benefit each individual person needs. As an osteopath, this continues to be my aim is I want to achieve the best possible outcome for each of my patients, while also providing a professional and friendly service.